The Jon

Friends Visiting Japan

A couple of friends from the US came to Japan at the end of July/beginning of August. The first day, we spent some time showing them around Odawara, but unfortunately the weather didn’t want to cooperate so much. We were able to visit Odawara Castle Park, and the lonely elephant was out. I think Jason got a good shot of her butt… she didn’t want to pose with her face it seemed.

The next day I took the day off from work and we drove down to Hakone. So we got an early headstart and first went to get some black eggs. They are boiled in the natural hot spring, and the sulfur turns the shells black

Shells are black because of iron sulfide, but inside is the same as hard boiled eggs

After that, it was to Hakone-en, to see Lake Ashi and what there was to do around there. The weather was kinda cloudy, so we decided to skip the ropeway and instead did this:

Yes, that was fun! :D Next up, cruising around Lake Ashi and then getting some lunch. After that, we headed back to around Odawara and took a look at one of the beaches. We ended up having dinner there, which was nice since the weather decided to cooperate this time.

That night they headed to Tokyo, so I was able to meet them the next day for lunch and dinner, and then the following day for lunch. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures taken… that’s what happens if Yukari isn’t there :P

Anyways, it was fun! Next time they should come at the same time, and we can climb Mt. Fuji. I’m always up for that, and I’m sure Yukari is too ;)