The Jon

Visiting Guam

I wrote this post in Guam, but am finally getting around to posting it here. So keep that in mind as you read it!

I meant to write an update sooner, but we have been so busy in Guam that I didn’t get a chance to write anything. I’m sure you understand how it goes ;)

Last time we came to Guam was 2 years ago, and at that time it was during a typhoon, so it was very windy and very rainy. We didn’t get to do many outdoor activities that time, but this time we have been so busy driving around and seeing what the island of Guam has to offer. We’ve seen ruins of an old Spanish mansion, a few really nice waterfalls, spectacular beaches, looked over the edge of a huge cliff that is on the shore, swam at a few of the beaches, and went around various points of interest on the island. There are some gook hiking trails through the jungle-like areas, but I don’t think it would be good to take my pregnant wife for that! So that will have to be for the next time.

So many of the things we can do on the island would be good even with a young kid, like 3 years old. So I’m sure Yukari, our child, and I will have to come back in the future as a family. Hawaii would be good a place to visit as a family as well! Guam is a bit more laid back than Hawaii. Not to say that Hawaii isn’t laid back, but Guam has a different feel to it. Hawaii has Honolulu and Waikiki that are pretty busy places, but there are no big cities here in Guam. The biggest one is Tumon, and that is where most of the Japanese tourists go. Which means that is where all the big shopping places are. I think most Japanese people travel just for shopping… just seems like that. And it was hard to find a non-Japanese person in Tumon. Other than that, it is just a relaxing place.

I’ll upload the pictures to Flickr and also write about some on my blog after we get back to Japan. I think I’ll get back to my cold beer on the beach now! Also, we got a new sonogram of the baby that I can upload after my vacation.

Until then!