The Jon

Seeing the Baby Move for the First Time

This week on Monday, I took the afternoon off from work so I could go with Yukari and see the baby! This was the first time for me to go to the doctor’s office with her, so up until now I have only seen the sonograms that Yukari has been brining home. We waited for a little while until it was her turn to see the doctor. At first, the nurse did the sonogram to check up on the baby to make sure it was doing alright. She measured the size of the head, and the length of the baby.

While we were watching, the baby looked toward us. And then all of a sudden it stopped moving! The nurse said it just fell asleep. It woke up a little bit later and kicked its legs a bit. Too bad we couldn’t get a video of it. So here is the picture we got:

Sonogram #7 June 1, 2009

I added some notes to the picture, so click it and put your mouse over it to see them. At the moment, the baby’s head is 33.4mm wide and has a length of 111 mm. So, it is getting bigger everyday! Next one will be in another 2 weeks, so keep your eyes open for it :D