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Yukari's 24th Birthday

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Yukari’s birthday was last Saturday, April 11th. I started the celebrations early by making her a special breakfast!

Wow! Time for breakfast!

I made some banana pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs and a little salad. I thought everything tasted great, and Yukari seemed to enjoy it all, so it must have been good :) After breakfast, it was time to get ready. We were going to visit Tokyo Tower, since they give you a special gift if you go on your birthday. They let you go in for free, then give you a card, and some cake in the cafe.

Rare cheesecake (non-baked) as a birthday present

When we finally came down, they had the Tokyo Tower mascot outside. Funny looking guy, huh?

ummm this guy looks like... something lol

For lunch, we went to a nearby Italian place that had a nice buffet. We had such a big breakfast that we didn’t get to eat so much, but what we did eat was good. When we finished eating lunch we went to Ginza to take a look around and walk around. We actually spent a long time walking that our legs got tired! We only had a little while to wait for dinner, so we didn’t want to go to a cafe or something. So we just got some rest around the station, then looked at some more stores. Then it was off to Yukari’s special birthday dinner! Here is the birthday girl waiting for her dinner!

I was getting so excited what they will serve for my birthday hehe

I took her to a California Cuisine restraunt in Ginza, which was actually really nice. They had a large wine selection, and the food was really good. And since it was for her birthday, they gave her all kinds of nice stuff! They even made a DVD for us. The video started in the kitchen when they bring out the cake, and give it to Yukari. I wasn’t even expecting it, so that was a nice surprise. Of course we could take it home with us, and we watched it as soon as we got home. Take a look at the pictures on Flickr to see what I’m talking about! And the cake they gave us was soooo good! Not too sweet, and had some chocolate on the sides. Plus they wrote her name really well :D


Well, that was her birthday. Hope she had fun!