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Hawaiian Wedding Day 10

[Slideshow of Day 10 photos here]

Well, this was our last day in Hawaii :( It was hard to believe that 10 days have passed, and it was time to go home. Whenever we travel like this, we always have so many things to do and keep busy. It is so much fun that the time just flies by, and then our vacation is over before we know it. Perhaps I should change my job… to being someone permamently on vacation!

Anyways, our plane wasn’t until later in the morning, so we were able to have a nice slow morning at the resort. Once again, we went to the breakfast buffet, which was just as great as it was the previous day. Here is another picture of me eating


After breakfast, I took the rental car back, and then saw an interesting pineapple plant.


One of the staff members saw us checking this out and told us that they are specially made so they don’t get any bigger than this. We thought it was really interesting… plus those red flowers kinda look like pineapples too. I don’t think they will turn into them though. After this we walked around a bit and then went back to our room to finish getting ready. We packed up, and had to walk around our suite room to make sure we had everything. It was so big, it seemed easy to leave something behind. If we did leave something behind, we still haven’t noticed yet, so it wasn’t anything important. We had a little more time to take a few pictures as well.


And then it was time to check out :( We flew back to Honolulu, and then got on a flight to Tokyo. When we got back, it seemed very cold. It was hard to believe that the trip was over. Whenever we come back home, the airport is usually not a fun place it seems. Compared with to when we are leaving the airport… it is a whole different world. We made some DVDs of our wedding to send to our family, so that will be the last picture here. Enjoy the rest of our pictures, and perhaps all 10 days! We ended up taking over 1,000 pictures (including the ones of the wedding). Also, thanks to everyone that came for our wedding! We had a great time and hope you did as well.

Wedding Video