The Jon

Big News!

On November 3rd, Yukari and I celebrated our 4 year annivesary of dating. It was a special night, so I made a reservation at a nice hotel and restraunt. Then I proposed to Yukari! Of course she said yes ;) And she decided to write up about what happened:

OMG! I still can’t believe this. Suddenly the music stopped and the lights were turned off. I was like “what’s going on?” And the next thing I saw was the dish with a sparkler coming towards our table. I thought that was just an anniversary cake or something like always. BUT I saw the message as a waiter put that dish down… “Will you marry me?” I was like huh? What? And my body got so hot and felt tears coming up. I don’t know how to explain… like I thought I was flying? I donno… Anyways it felt so nice!! Then the other waiter brought us the little box from Tiffany. I was like OH MY GOD!!!!! I finally realized what was going on there. So I looked at Jon and he was smiling. Then he proposed me. Of course the answer was YES! (how could I say no to such a cool guy like him!) And he put the ring on my ring finger. We had two pair-rings, but we wanted to save that finger for engagement and marriage rings, so it was the first time for me to wear the ring on that special finger. And the waiters did party favor and people there were all like “Congratulations!!!” Ahh I was the happiest I could ever be! It was such a nice surprise. Actually I was getting a bit tired and bored so I almost said him to go back to the hotel, then it happened. Jon is such a romantic guy and he knows what I like. What a damn nice boyfriend, oh hang on I mean fiancé! hehe. We had such a special 4 year anniversary and this proposal made it even better! It’s so nice that he did it on our anniversary. So we have to get married on this day!